1. Divide the herbs between the two canning jars, crushing them with your fingers as you add each sprig to release the oils. Drop half a vanilla bean into each jar, then add white vinegar completely covering the contents. Leave at least ¼-in. headroom in each jar.
  2. Secure the lids. Then leave the jars to sit and age for 3-4 weeks. Shake the jars every few days to reinvigorate the contents. The mixture should start to turn a greenish-brown color and smell fragrant.
  3. When the vinegar smell has mostly dissipated, the spray is ready to use. Strain the contents and pour into a spray bottle to use full strength or slightly dilute with a bit of water if desired.  Spray in your home or chicken coop as needed.

Crafter’s Note: You can substitute vodka for the white vinegar. Vodka is an all-natural cleaning agent that kills insects instead of merely repelling them. It is also antibacterial and kills mold and mildew and is odorless.

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant. It has antibacterial properties, kills mold and is also an ant repellent.  (Apple cider vinegar, while great for adding to your chickens’ water and drinking yourself for all its health benefits, shouldn’t be used here – only white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar will attract fruit flies.)

Lavender is a naturally calming stress reliever, increases blood circulation, is highly aromatic, and also an insecticide.  The aroma is highly beneficial to settle laying or sitting hens.

Mint is a natural rodent repellent.

Vanilla is a natural fly and mosquito repellent.

Homemade Room Spray c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily.

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Homemade Room Spray Photos by Lisa Steele.