The stackable boxes are centered upside down atop each other. The small and medium box lids are not used. The lid on the large box is used but not glued in place, so cards can be removed easily.


  1. Remove and discard lids from the small and medium boxes.
  2. Cut a 3/4–in.-wide x 6-in.-long slit in the center of the bottom of the small box.
  3. Turn the boxes upside down. Center the medium box on top of the large box and the small box on top of the medium box.
  4. Trace around the outer edge of the small and medium boxes.
  5. Draw a circle 1-in. inside the original circle on the box
  6. Use craft knife to cut away the inside circle on the medium and large boxes.


  1. Paint the outside of each of the three boxes and the lid of the large box white.
  2. Add additional coats of paint as needed. Let paint dry after every application.


  1. Place each box on the lace fabric and trace around outside edge of each with pencil. Cut out each circle of lace fabric.
  2. Use sponge brush to apply decoupage medium to the outside of bottom of the small box. Center matching circle of fabric on box and smooth out. Let dry. Repeat with medium and large boxes.
  3. When dry, use scissors to trim any excess fabric from outside edges of each box.
  4. Cut down center of slit on small box. Glue edges to inside of box.
  5. Cut center circle of fabric on medium box, cutting about 1 in. from edge of circle. Snip fabric every 1/2 in. Glue excess fabric to the inside of the box. Repeat on large box.
  6. Cut a strip of lace fabric equal to the distance around each box x the height of each.
  7. Adhere fabric strips to the outside of each box as before. When dry, trim excess.
  8. Apply a coat of decoupage medium to each box. Let dry.


  1. Glue the medium box centered on the large box and the small box centered on the
    medium box.
  2. Duct-tape the boxes together on the inside to hold.


  1. Add trims to decorate card box as desired.
  2. Glue the cake topper to the top of the card box


Finished Size: Cake card box measures about 15 inches across x 14 inches high without cake topper.

Craft originally sent in by Joanne Wied of Greendale, Wisconsin.