Combine all ingredients except essential oil in bowl. Microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, until completely liquefied. Heat and stir continuously until ingredients melt. Let cool 10-15 minutes. Add essential oil; stir well. Place in refrigerator for about an hour to harden until soft to the touch. Use a whisk or hand mixer to whip for 10-15 minutes until creamy and smooth. Apply as often as desired.

YIELD: Makes about 12 oz. total
STORE: In lidded containers away from moisture

Note: You can substitute mango or avocado butter for shea and cocoa butter; just make sure the total amount of butter adds up to a cup. You can also substitute a variety of light oils (grape seed or almond) for the olive oil.

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For more information on working with essential oils and other natural bath and body ingredients, including safety tips, check out this handy guide.

Homemade Whipped Body Butter photography by Country Woman.