1. Clean mold and let dry thoroughly. Fill bottom of mold with buttons or other hard surfaced embellishments.
  2. Wearing a utility mask and working in a well-ventilated area, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix resin with catalyst in a disposable container.
  3. Pour mixed resin solution into molds in a small stream to reduce air bubbles. Pour in layers covering embellishments a little at a time. Let individual layers dry for about 30 minutes between pouring. Add more embellishments as desired before each layer of resin poured. (For coasters, make thinner with fewer layers using small flat embellishments like buttons.)
  4. For the final resin layer, cover any embellishment pieces completely for a smooth top surface. Let dry according to manufacturer’s instructions before removing from mold.

Crafter’s Note: We strongly recommend working in a well-ventilated area and wearing a utility mask. This craft is not for children due to the hazards of resin fumes.

Cast Resin Paperweights & Coasters c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.

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Photos by Ashley Hackshaw.