1. Fill the bottom 1/3 of the salad bowl with cactus soil.
  2. Place moss around one side of the bowl.  Shake soil gently off the roots of the plants.  Dig little holes in the cactus soil and then place the plants as desired.  Fill back in with soil and put more moss around one side of the plants.  Add some river stones to the other side to cover the soil up to the moss level.
  3. When filling in your salad bowl, be sure to use some fun elements or found objects that will add personality to your “mixed salad”.

Crafter’s Note: Stevie used the following plants and mosses: aeonium, sedum, dromeliad, Spanish moss and true moss.

How to Make a Terrarium Craft Project c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Stevie Rose of Garden Therapy.

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Terrarium photography by Stevie Rose.