1. Download and print our patterns to make paper flowers.
  2. Draw three circles in graduated sizes on book pages. (You may use our patterns as a guide.) For each rose, cut three circles of the medium size, three circles of small size, and six circles of the large size. Also cut out one leaf for each rose. Set aside.
  3. Use our pattern to draw a spiral on plain paper. Cut it out. Use that as a template to create one spiral for each rose from a book page. Set aside.
  4. Put a pin through the middle of a square of cardboard. Turn it upside down and use this as a base on which to make the rose.
  5. Take a cut spiral and begin twisting it into a small, loose cone, beginning from the center of the spiral. Dab with glue a bit to keep it from unwinding.
  6. Cut another small circle out of book paper and snip small slashes around the edges. (Don’t cut all the way through.) Fan the circle open and glue it to the spiral at its base to form the rose center. Set aside to dry.
  7. Take your largest circle and push it down on the pin, about 1/4-inch from its edge. Put a dab of glue on top and place the next circle, overlapping the first. Add a dab of glue and place the third circle. This will be the base of the rose. Do not glue to the cardboard.
  8. The next layer will be made of large-size circles, but these will need one slash going into the center. Overlap the slash edges, just a bit, using glue to secure. Push petals onto pin, using same method as Step 7, but you will also glue the petals to the lower layer.
  9. Continue layering on petals, using the medium-size circles. Top the flower off with the small-size circles.
  10. Take the center of the rose you made in Step 6. Dab glue on its base and place it onto your stack of petals. Remove the rose from the cardboard when it is dry.
  11. Cut narrow strips of a book page, coat them with craft glue and twist the strips around a length of picture wire to form the stem. The leaf you cut in Step 2 can then be glued to the stem wherever you like.

Make Recycled Paper Flowers craft project designed by Todd Moore. Paper Flowers Photography by Jonn Coolidge.