For all card stock and photos, use inkpad and blending tool to add ink along edges and front of pieces for an aged look.

  1. Cut three 5- x 6-in. rectangles each from chipboard and card stock. Center card stock on each chipboard piece; affix with glue stick. Make two holes for hanging on each short end about 1 in. from sides.
  2. For each flower, punch three different patterned paper flowers and one small circle. Layer flowers with circle on top. Fasten together with brad.
  3. For bird, punch two different patterned papers. Use hole punch to make eye. Layer birds slightly offset. Adhere with foam adhesive.
  4. For matting photos and saying, cut card stock mat about an inch larger than their size. Use corner punch on each corner of the mat. Center each matted photo and saying on a frame; secure with foam adhesive. Decorate frames with flowers and bird as shown, affixing with foam adhesive.
  5. Place frames in order from top to bottom. Thread end of twine through holes beginning on one side. Thread twine through holes on other side, leaving a small loop at the top for hanging. Knot ends; trim excess.

Photo by Country Woman  Magazine.