k: knit
lp(s): loop(s)
st(s): stitch(es)

GAUGE: Working on size 13 knitting needles, 7 sts and 14 rows =  4 inches


  1. Holding the white super bulky and white novelty yarns as one, either wrap the Knifty Knitter loom following the loom manufacturer’s instructions, or cast on 31 sts evenly distributed onto three double-pointed needles; join without twisting to work in rounds.
  2. Work 2 inches on loom following manufacturer’s instructions, or k 2 inches on needles. Fasten off white yarns.
  3. Attach red yarn. Work about 7 inches on loom or needles as before. Cut yarn, leaving a 20-inch tail.
  4. Thread yarn end onto yarn or tapestry needle. Run the needle and yarn through the lps on each peg of the loom or on knitting needles. Remove the lps from the pegs or needles. Fasten off the yarn without drawing up the lps.
  5. Thread yarn or tapestry needle with another 20-inch length of red yarn. Sew around hat about 2 inches from top with a long running stitch. Remove needle and draw up ends of yarn to gather and close top of hat. Tie yarn ends in a small bow.
  6. Thread white boa trim onto yarn or tapestry needle.
  7. With long stitches, attach boa trim to top edge of white band. Fasten off and trim away excess.
  8. Attach feather hair clip to hat where desired.

SANTA HAT KNITTING PATTERN – FINISHED SIZE: Child-size hat has a circumference of about 18 inches.

NOTE:  Round Knifty Knitter loom sets are available in four sizes and can be found at many craft stores. Cori used the red round Knifty Knitter.

Kids’ Santa Hat Knitting Pattern designed by Cori Harrison of New Berlin, Wisconsin. Photography by Country Woman magazine.