1. Measure the child’s legs; work according to the gauge.
  2. Cast on 44 stitches and divide among 3 needles, marking beginning cast-on with stitch marker.
  3. Work 20 rows of first color in ribbing of knit 2, purl 2.
  4. Work the next 96 rows (or desired number based on length needed) in stockinette stitch, changing yarn colors every 4 rows.
  5. Finish by working 12 rows in ribbing of knit 2, purl 2.
  6. Bind off.


  1. In lieu of a formal pattern, use your favorite cardigan pattern and appropriate knitting needles.
  2. Follow your pattern, alternating yarns as with the leg warmers.
  3. Knit neckband, cuffs and front band in the darkest color.


  1. Knit ruffle. Cast on 200 stitches; knit colored stripes as desired until piece is 3 in. long. Finish off.
  2. Cut fabric in thirds, each piece measuring 9 in. x 44 in.
  3. Cut a 1-5/8-in. x 9-in. piece from each of 2 pieces for belt loops.
  4. Form the skirt’s top section.
  5. Fold the largest piece in half, right sides and shorter edges together; join with a 3/8-in. seam.
  6. Press seam open.
  7. Fold down an inch of fabric from the top to form waist- band casing; stitch along the edge to close, leaving space to insert elastic.
  8. Form the skirt’s bottom section by joining the 2 smaller fabric pieces, right sides together at both shorter edges, with a 3/8-in. seam.
  9. Press the 2 seams open; make a 1/2-in. hem for the bottom.
  10. Sew 2 rows of basting stitches along the other edge; pull thread to gather so it will fit unfinished edge of the skirt’s top section.
  11. Right sides together, pin knitted piece’s long edge to top section’s raw edge, gathering to fit.
  12. Then pin gathered section of skirt bottom to fit.
  13. Stitch all 3 layers together.
  14. Topstitch along the seam.
  15. Insert elastic in waistband casing and stitch closed.
  16. To make belt loops: Fold fabric piece in half lengthwise and sew a narrow seam along 9-in. edge.
  17. Turn inside out and cut into 2 4-1/2-in. strips.
  18. Repeat with remaining piece.
  19. Attach 4 loops to waistband.
  20. Make pom-poms to attach to cord.


Craft originally sent in by Anita Legaspi of Snohomish, WA