1. Cover your canvas in the fabric of your choice. Secure it with a staple gun on the backside of the wood frame.
  2. Cut out the letters of your saying from contact paper using a Cricut machine. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, print off your saying in whatever font and size desired. Place your contact paper over the saying, trace the letters and cut out with an X-Acto knife.
  3. Position the letters on the canvas. Peel off the paper backing and stick the letters to the fabric.
  4. When all the letters have been placed, spray a thick layer of spray paint over the entire canvas. Let dry. If needed, apply another coat of paint.
  5. When dry, peel the letters off. The color and pattern of the fabric underneath the paint will show through creating a contrast.
  6. Hang the canvas on your wall and enjoy!

Love Quote Canvas Craft c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Megan of Brassy Apple.

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