1. Clean and prepare mason jars (see tips below).
  2. Choose a sturdy shelf wide enough to fit the lids of your mason glass jars. Turn the shelf upside down on a flat surface.
  3. Using a ruler, evenly space the lids across the shelf length, with equal amounts of space on either end.
  4. Turn lids upside down and mark their places by tracing around the outer edges.
  5. Keeping each on its marked spot, attach each to the shelf with two small, evenly spaced screws. (Using two keeps the lid from unscrewing itself when you twist off a jar.)
  6. Hang shelf securely to wall with its own mounts.  Fill mason jars; screw onto lids.

Preparation Tips

Label removal:  Labels on glass, plastic or metal containers can be stubborn. Use a craft knife to scrape them off, or soak containers in hot water until labels peel off easily. A cleaner like Goo Gone can help remove the toughest stuck-on residue.

Clean and dry:  Clean glass, plastic or metal containers well, rinsing thoroughly and letting dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Oils, soaps, cleaners or any moisture on the surface can keep the paint from sticking. For a longer-lasting paint surface, apply a top coat of clear polyurethane sealer after the paint is completely dry.

Editor’s Note: Don’t have mason jars available? Any old jar will do! Just make sure your jar has a lid and that you follow the directions above!

Mason Jar Shelf craft photography by Country Woman.