1. With tape measure, determine the circumference of jar opening. Cut a length of wire 1 in. larger than that.
  2. Wrap cut wire around base of jar opening to form a circle. Twist wire ends tightly together once; push ends against jar to secure in place.
  3. Cut an 18-in. length of wire for handle. Insert about 1 in. of an end under the circular wire at base of jar opening. Push short end of wire upward and wrap a few times around long piece of wire to secure in place. Repeat with other end of wire on opposite side to complete handle.
  4. Pour a small amount of loose sand or aquarium gravel into bottom of jar. Place candle in jar and press until firmly in place.


Use only jars intended for canning, which can withstand the heat; the glass will get hot. Hang lighted lanterns away from flammable material and place only on heat-proof surfaces. Flameless, battery-operated candles will work well too.