1. Base-coat one side and all edges of wooden message board, using flat brush and acrylic paint. Repeat as necessary for complete coverage, letting paint dry between coats.
  2. Drill two holes for hanging in wooden message board, 1 in. from the top edge and 6 in. from the outer edges.
  3. With painter’s tape, mask off a 4-3/4-in. x 24-in. area on the bottom. Following manufacturer’s instructions, use chalkboard spray paint to coat uncovered area at top of message board. Repeat as needed for complete coverage, letting dry between coats. Remove tape from message board craft.
  4. Trace a flat side of a clothespin six times onto the back of card stock pieces and cut out. With decoupage glue and sponge brush, affix a cutout to one side of each clothespin and let dry. Seal with a layer of decoupage glue and let dry.
  5. Adhere plain side of clothespins to the bottom of the message board, using tacky glue. Place first clothespin 2 in. from the outer edge and 1 in. from the -bottom; place each subsequent clothespin 4 in. from the previous one. Let glue dry completely before using.
  6. Thread ribbon through the craft holes and tie to hang the message board.