1. Plan your message, and then choose and assemble the flowers and herbs that you want to use.
  2. Choose a large central flower (such as a rose), then group small-leaf herbs or tiny flowers around it, holding them in place with a wrap of the florist tape.  Repeat, adding the other herbs and flowers, evenly spacing 5 herbs or 5 flowers around the center cluster in concentric rings until all the material (sentiments) are included.
  3. Choose broad, flat leaves (such as English ivy) to frame the tussie-mussie, and again, wrap with the florist tape to secure them in place.
  4. Cut bundled stems to about 4 in. (the width of your palm) to make a comfortable handle, and slip the finger of a glove over the stems and tape to protect the recipient’s hand from the sticky florist tape and to keep moisture around the stems.
  5. Add a “collar” of real lace. Create this by sewing a running stitch using a large-eyed needle and elastic thread along the inner edge of a 2-ft. piece of lace edging 3 in. wide. Securely tie the ends of the elastic thread to form a circle, making a “collar” of lace to slip over the stems of the tussie‑mussie.
  6. Tie everything in place with the satin ribbons. “Love knots” can be tied in the ends of the streamers. To keep the tussie-mussie fresh, wet the stems, or place in a champagne flute or demitasse cup filled with water.
  7. Write out a gift card listing the plants in the bouquet and their meanings.

Learn a bit about the history of the language of flowers.

Miniature DIY Flower Bouquet instructions by Geraldine Adamich Laufer.

Photography by David Kesler AIFD, PFCI