K = knit
st(s) = stitch(es)
tog = together
[          ] = Instructions within brackets are repeated as directed.


8 sts and 11 rows = 2 inches. Slight variation in gauge will change finished size a bit.


  1. Working with two strands of yarn as one, cast on 28(30,32) sts. Distribute sts on three double-pointed needles. Add optional stitch marker and join into a round, being careful not to twist the sts.
  2. K around until piece measures 1-3/4 inches (or desired length) to base of thumb.
  3. K 2 sts, place next 5 sts on holder, cast on 5 sts on needle and continue to k around.
  4. K around until piece measures 5-1/2 inches (or desired length) from start.
  5. Decrease for top of hand:
  6. Round 1: [K 2tog, k 2] around: 21(22,24) sts.
  7. Round 2: K around: 21(22,24) sts.
  8. Round 3: [K 2tog, k 1] around: 14(15,16) sts.
  9. Round 4: K around: 14(15,16) sts.
  10. Round 5: K 2tog around. Cut yarn, leaving a tail. Using yarn or tapestry needle, draw yarn through remaining sts and drop them from the knitting needles. Pull yarn to close and fasten off on inside of mitten.


  1. Place the 5 sts from stitch holder, 5 cast-on stitches and one st from opposite sides of thumb opening on three needles: 12 sts.
  2. K around until thumb measures 2-1/4 inches (or desired length).
  3. K 2tog around: 6 sts.
  4. Cut yarn, leaving a tail. Close opening of thumb as for top of mitten.


  1. Weave in all loose yarn ends.
  2. With right sides facing and a narrow seam, machine-sew a knit cuff to the opening of each mitten. Overcast edges to finish and reinforce seam.

Note: Recycled cuffs from sweatshirts or tops of socks can be used. Or purchase knit ribbing and make your own cuffs.

Finished Size: Children’s small mittens measure about 7 inches around x 5-1/2 inches long without cuff. Changes for medium and large mittens are in parentheses.


Craft originally sent in by Margaret Greenfield of Fridley, MN.