1. Download and print Craft Pattern 1   and Craft Pattern 2
  2. For covers, trace patterns as -follows: two bear bodies on tan -paper; two ears and two paw pads on lavender paper; one circle on pink paper.
  3. Cut out all traced pattern pieces.  Cut out text circle for the stomach center (above).
  4. Use a standard-size hole punch for punching 12 small circles for bear claws from pink paper
  5. Referring to photo for placement, use a glue stick to attach the two purple ears, two purple paw pads and 12 small circles to one tan bear body for front cover. Then glue the pink stomach circle in place, and glue the stomach center text on top. Let dry.
  6. Tie the ribbon in a bow and, using tacky glue, attach the bow to the album cover as in photo. Let dry.
  7. For interior pages, trace bear
  8. body pattern onto light-pink paper. Four will fit on a 12-in. square; -repeat as necessary for the number of pages desired. Cut out bears.
  9. Assemble. With the smaller hole punch, punch a hole in the ear on the covers and interior pages, referring to pattern for placement and being careful to align holes. Open the binder ring and add each piece in order, then close.


  1. Ear  Cut 2 — Lavender Paper
  2. Bear Body Cut 2 — Tan Paper
  3. Stomach Circle Cut 1 — Pink Paper
  4. Paw Pad Cut 2 — Lavender Paper
  5. Stomach Text Image Cut 1 (Provided)


We crafted our album to look like a beloved teddy bear. But feel free to make yours resemble a rocking horse, a rattle, blocks or a toddler’s -pinafore. You can also choose colors like the traditional pink or blue, or those that coordinate with the guest of honor’s nursery decor.