1. Download and print Craft Pattern
  2. Keep container of water handy to thin paints and clean painting tools.
  3. Place dabs of each color as needed onto foam plate or palette.
  4. Apply additional coats as needed for complete coverage.
  5. Let dry after each application. Refer to photo while painting.
  6. With foam brush and white latex, paint entire paving block.
  7. Trace pattern (at bottom) onto tracing paper with pencil.
  8. Place pattern on narrow end of paving block; slip graphite paper between them. With stylus or dry ballpoint pen, trace over pattern to transfer onto paving block.
  9. With liner and Black, outline eyes and paint mouth.
  10. Use small flat brush and Black to add three buttons down the front.
  11. Use small flat brush and Tangerine to paint car- rot nose.
  12. Add a bit of water to Tomato Spice. With thinned paint and flat brush, add shading to nose.
  13. Dip flat brush into Lisa Pink and wipe off excess on paper towel. With a nearly dry brush and a circular motion, add cheeks.
  14. Dip handle end of paintbrush into White. Add a small White dot to each eye, and several more at corners of mouth.


  1. Fold 11-inch square of fleece in half to make a 5-1/2-inch x 11-inch piece with stretchy edge along the narrow side.
  2. Sew the long, non- stretchy edges together with a narrow seam.
  3. Turn tube right side out, gather one end in your hand and wrap tightly with thread, about 2 inches from raw edge. With scissors, cut slits about 1/4 inch apart on tied end to fringe.
  4. Fold open edge of hat up 1 inch twice. Place hat on snowman and glue to hold. Let dry.


  1. With scissors, cut slits about 1/4 inch apart to fringe each narrow end of 2-inch x 22-inch piece of Polarfleece.
  2. Wrap around snowman and tie in an overhand knot as shown.
  3. Glue to hold. Let dry.


  1. Glue felt piece centered on bottom of snowman. Let dry.

Finished Size: Snowman measures about 12 inches high x 6-1/2 inches across.


Craft originally sent in by Marilyn Brenneis of Kiowa, Colorado