1. Print Rooster pattern. Place pattern on wood with grain lines matching. Slip graphite paper between pattern and wood. Trace over pattern lines with stylus or dry ballpoint pen to transfer pattern onto wood. Repeat.
  2. Cut out two rooster shapes.
  3. Drill hole through each where shown on pattern.
  4. Sand shapes to smooth and wipe with a damp paper towel to remove sanding dust.


Keep container of water handy to thin paints and clean painting tools. Place dabs of each paint color as needed onto foam plate or palette. Apply additional coats as needed for complete coverage. Let paint dry after each application. Refer to photo while painting.

  1. Turn one rooster cutout over so the two face each other.
  2. Using sponge brush, paint the body of one white and the other black, extending paint colors along edges.
  3. Using barn red, sponge brush and small flat brush, paint combs and wattles.
  4. Using small flat brush and golden brown, paint the beaks.
  5. Using small flat brush and white, highlight outer edges of black rooster’s body. In the same way, use black to highlight the outer edge of the white rooster’s body.
  6. Use flat brush and black to highlight the outer edge of the heads, combs and wattles.
  7. Dip handle end of paintbrush in black and dab several small dots on body of white rooster.


Tie each fabric strip into a small bow. Trim ends as desired and glue bow to each rooster. Let dry.

Finished size: Each rooster measures about 6-1/2 inches across by 11 inches high.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you don’t have rusted coil springs, you can buy new ones (try an upholstery supply shop) and rust them yourself with salt water. In a spray bottle, mix about 2 tablespoons of salt in a pint of water. Shake until salt dissolves. Place the spring outside; spray daily until you get the amount of rust you want.

Painted Rooster Wood Craft designed by Darlene Stumpf-Westfahl of Fennville, Michigan.

Photo by Country Woman magazine.