1. Download paper stocking pattern for paper craft.
  2. Trace stocking base pattern onto white card stock and cut out. You’ll sew around the card stock cutout as a template to avoid visible pencil marks on the finished stocking.
  3.  Cut two 6-in. or larger squares from scrapbook paper; place back to back. Loosely join, using a few removable glue dots around the edges.
  4.  Center stocking base template on layered scrapbook papers and affix with a few removable glue dots.
  5.  With your machine set to straight stitch, sew around template’s outer edge, taking care not to catch template in stitching, and leaving top of stocking open for treats. Note: Use an older needle or designated needle to stitch paper— paper can dull a needle quickly and making it unsuitable for fabric sewing.
  6.  Remove template; trim around straight stitch with decorative scissors, leaving a 1/4-in. edge.
  7.  Using paper craft pattern, cut heel and toe from paper scraps. Cut a 3-3/4-in. x 1-in. rectangle for cuff. Use glue stick to adhere to stocking as in photo. Embellish and fill stocking as desired.

Paper Stockings Gift Tags Photo by Country Woman Magazine