1. Place small amounts of paints on foam plate or palette as needed. Refer to photo at right as a guide while painting and assembling flag as directed in instructions that follow.
  2. Paint one side of three craft sticks white and one side of four craft sticks red. Let dry.
  3. Use craft knife to cut remaining craft stick in half crosswise.
  4. Lay out red and white craft sticks painted side down, alternating colors as shown in photo with long edges touching and ends even. Run a bead of glue about 1 in. from each end of the craft sticks. Adhere a half craft stick to each bead of glue. Turn assembled craft sticks over and adjust as needed before glue sets to make a rectangle with alternating red and white stripes.
  5. Paint 2-in.-long x 1-3/8-in.-high dark blue rectangle in the upper left-hand corner of assembled craft sticks. Let dry.
  6. Dip handle of paintbrush into white and use to draw 11 stars on blue area. Let dry.
  7. Drill a hole through each upper corner of flag.
  8. Use sandpaper to scuff painted surface of flag. Wipe with a damp paper towel to remove sanding dust.
  9. Apply brown shoe polish to painted surface to create an aged look. Immediately wipe the shoe polish off with a paper towel and buff the polish to create a waxy finish.
  10. Wrap craft wire around pencil to coil, leaving about 3 in. straight at each end of the wire. Remove pencil and stretch wire to form an arc for hanger. Insert straight ends of wire from front to back through drilled holes. Wrap ends around wire to hold.
  11. Working with all strands as one, tie raffia into a small bow. Glue bow to wire hanger. Trim raffia ends as desired.

Finished Size: Patriotic Flag Door Hanging measures about 7 inches wide x 10 inches high, including wire hanger and raffia bow.


Patriotic Flag Door Hanging Craft originally sent in by Brooke Bock from Tyrone, Pennsylvania