1. Download and print Patriotic Biscuit Quilt Craft Pattern
  2. Wash all fabrics as many times as needed until rinse water runs clear. Then dry and press all fabrics


  1. Cut 5-inch squares for biscuit units as follows: 186 from blue fabric, 270 from red fabric and 272 from white.
  2. From muslin, cut 728 4-inch squares to back biscuit units.


  1. Place a 5-inch colored fabric square atop a 4-inch muslin square, wrong sides facing. Match corners of the two squares and pin each corner, bunching fabric between corners.
  2. Pleat and pin the excess colored fabric on three sides of the square as shown in Fig. 1 below. Stitch pleats in place, stitching a scant 1/4 inch from the raw edges on three sides.
  3. Insert a bit of stuffing through the remaining side’s opening. Pleat, pin and stitch the fourth side as before. See Fig. 2 below for completed biscuit unit.
  4. Repeat, using all colored and muslin squares and a similar amount of stuffing to make 728 biscuit units.


  1. Referring to layout diagram below, place completed units, right side up, in 28 rows of 26 biscuit units each.
  2. Sew biscuits in each row together with right sides facing and an accurate 1/4-inch seam. Then sew rows together the same way.


  1. Cut backing fabric in half crosswise. With right sides facing and edges matching, sew two long edges together with a 1/2-inch seam. Press seam open.
  2. Place backing wrong side up on a flat surface. Center completed top, right side up, on top of backing. Baste as needed to hold layers and outer edges together.


  1. Thread large-eye needle with a double strand of heavy white thread or yarn.
  2. Stitch across intersection between squares where desired, backstitch in same place and tie a square knot, leaving a 2-inch length. Carol tied her quilt at three block intervals.)


  1. Trim backing fabric, leaving a 3/4-inch margin of fabric on all sides.
  2. Fold outer edge of backing 1/4 inch to wrong side on all edges. Fold backing to front, covering edges of blocks and making a 3/8-inch-wide self-binding.
  3. Hand- or machine-sew fold of binding to front of quilt.
  4. Remove basting to complete your Patriotic Biscuit Quilt.


Patriotic Biscuit Quilt Craft originally sent in by Carol Wire of Madison, South Dakota