1. Paint the dowel rod green and the pot’s exterior blue. Use as many coats as needed for full coverage, allowing to dry fully between coats. Apply sealer to rod and pot if desired and let dry.
  2. Glue floral foam in bottom of pot. Put a small amount of glue on end of rod and insert, centered, in foam.
  3. Fill pot top with green paper grass. Tie a bow around rod slightly above grass.
  4. Use rod to poke a hole,  1½ to 2 in. deep, in the Styrofoam ball. Beginning at the hole, draw a line around ball’s center.
  5. Leaving hole open, use floral pins to attach a row of pink Peeps, sides touching, along the drawn line. (We pinned through the tails to hide pins.) Next, attach a row of blue Peeps, followed by rows of yellow and pink, ending with a blue one in the center. Repeat rows on ball’s opposite side.
  6. Put a small amount of glue on the top of the rod. Insert rod into hole in Styrofoam ball; let glue dry.

Editor’s Note: If you want your topiary to be edible, use toothpicks instead of the pins, and assemble shortly before serving to be sure Peeps are fresh.

The Peeps Topiary Easter Craft was inspired by one created by “The Hungry Mouse” blogger Jessie Cross. Learn more about Jessie here.

Peeps Topiary Easter Craft photography by Country Woman.