1. To create your photo album, first center each piece of foam board onto back of patterned card stock; adhere with glue stick. Let dry.
  2. Cut a small square out of each corner of patterned card stock. Fold over sides and glue in place (see photo above).
  3. Fold the 9-in. rectangle of solid card stock in half to make two 4-1/2-in. squares. Fold a 1-in. flap on one end of each of the 10-in. rectangles, then fold each remaining 9-in. section to make two 4-1/2-in. squares.
  4. Glue together the three pieces of folded card stock, attaching each 1-in. flap to a 4-1/2-in. segment, to make the accordion-style foldout pages of your photo album.
  5. Glue each 4-1/2-in. end page to the back of each covered foam board piece, completing the photo album. Let dry.
  6. Glue photos and other embellishments to the inside pages of your photo album; let dry.
  7. Title photo album, if desired, and fold closed. Secure by tying ribbon around the center.