1. Cut image to fit inside pendant or bracelet blank. For bracelet, cut all pieces needed to fill entire length.
  2. Use laminate or clear packing tape to cover image. Trim to cutout edges. This protects the colors in the image from the liquid resin.
  3. Affix image in the blank with a sticker maker or a dab of scrapbook adhesive. Do not use liquid or tacky glue, which may not dry completely under the resin. Press firmly into place.
  4. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fill indented bezel area on top of image with liquid resin, spreading evenly with toothpick. If bubbles form, wave a lighted match or lighter over them.
  5. Harden the resin by placing it in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp for 20 to 60 minutes, following manufacturer’s suggestions for time. Don’t touch to see if resin is dry; your fingerprints will mar it.
  6. Once resin has hardened, put the pendant on a chain.

*Find blanks for bezel pendants and bracelets in craft stores or online.