1. Using ink pads and blending tool, dab foam in ink and rub into surface of paper. Let ink dry.
  2. Stamp paper as desired. While ink is still wet, sprinkle embossing powder and shake off excess. Following manufacturer’s instructions, use heat tool to set powder.
  3. Fold paper widthwise about 5 in. from one short end. Temporarily secure in place with paper clips. Sew overlapping edges on both sides, forming pocket. Sew a decorative stitch around remaining edges. Fold flap over; crease in place.
  4. Punch a hole centered on flap about 1 in. from bottom edge. Fold a 4-in. length of twine or ribbon in half and knot to form loop. Thread looped end through back of hole. Stitch button centered on pocket front, slightly below flap edge. Secure flap by wrapping loop over button.

Photo Pouch Keepsake Craft Project Photos by Country Woman Magazine.