1. Download and print pin cushion pattern. Cut out all the pattern pieces.
  2. Grab some scraps for the heart and iron them. Start by placing one piece on the edge of the pattern piece that says “sew scraps here”, wrong side down. Then place the next piece you want on top of it, right side down.
  3. Sew the two pieces together, right onto the paper.
  4. Open up and iron seam. Continue on until the whole paper is covered with scraps.
  5. Rip the paper off of the back now.
  6. Sew any top seams you want now.
  7. Trace the heart onto the middle of the piece of iron on adhesive. You will trace on the paper side, not the sticky side. Cut around the outside of the heart about 1/2″ at the most. Cut out two pieces of fabric for the main part of the pin cushion using pattern piece.
  8. Place the sticky side of the iron on adhesive on the middle of the wrong side of the main fabric. Iron on according to directions.
  9. Cut the heart out. Start by making a clip in the middle and then cut it out.
  10. Remove the paper backing on the fabric. Place scraps underneath the heart cut out. The iron on adhesive will be on the top of the scraps. Iron together according to directions.
  11. Sew around the heart if you like and add any other embellishments. You could embroider or add a ruffle. If you add a trim, sew it on first first sewing the two pieces together. You sew it on the right side of the fabric so the edge you will see is facing towards the middle of the square. It keeps it in place a lot easier.
  12. Place the two main pieces right sides together and pin. Sew around leaving an opening for turning and stuffing.
  13. Turn right side out. Iron it real quick if it got wrinkly. Stuff with fiberfil, quilt batting, etc. I found that I really liked using quilt batting to fill them with. It was heavier than fiberfil but still easy to stick pins into. Another thing I experimented with was using t-shirt scraps. I stuffed some in on the bottom, then covered the top with quilt batting. This allowed the pins to stick in easily, but added even more weight to the pin cushion.
  14. Hand sew opening shut.

Pin Cushion Craft Tutorial c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Jessica Fediw of Happy Together. 

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