1. Read chocolate making tips.
  2. Flatten two mini marshmallows into a circle. Use kitchen shears or a knife to cut off a small piece from one edge so that you can attach the marshmallows to a Nutter Butter Cookie. 
  3. Dip the cut end of the marshmallow into the melted white confectionery coating. 
  4. Press one cut marshmallow on each side of the top half of a Nutter Butter cookie to create the polar bear’s ears. 
  5. Allow the candy coating to dry.
  6. Dip the Nutter Butter Cookie into the melted white candy coating, completely submerging it. Use a dipping fork or a kitchen fork to lift the Nutter Butter up out of the white confectionery coating. Allow excess coating to drip off. 
  7. Set the dipped cookie on parchment paper. 
  8. Immediately, while the coating is still wet, press two mini chocolate chips on the cookie for the eyes and one large chocolate chip for the nose. 
  9. Freeze for 5 minutes until the candy coating is set. If using pure white chocolate refrigerate instead. 
  10. Allow cookie to come to room temperature, then use a food coloring marker to draw on a mouth and eye brows. 

Tips: If you are dipping your Nutter Butter Cookies into white confectionery coating, in order to get nice shiny looking polar bears, you’ll want to dip one, decorate it, then place it in the freezer. If you leave your dipped cookies out at room temperature for too long, they will develop streaks and spots. If you use small squares of parchment paper set on plates or baking sheets, you can easily put your cookies in the freezer as you finish decorating each one.

Store your polar bear cookies in an airtight container for up to several weeks. Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer.

 Sweet Polar Bear Cookie Decorating Idea c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Beth of Hungry Happenings.

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Sweet Polar Bear Cookies photos by Beth Jackson Klosterboer.