1. Freehand cut a pig shaped head from light pink felt, a circle about three times larger than the head from dark pink felt, two small ovals for the feet from dark pink felt and a small oval for the nose from white felt.
  2. Place the pig shaped head centered on the dark pink felt circle. Stitch in place around the perimeter using pink thread.
  3. Place the nose on the head and stitch in place using pink thread to form two adjacent nostrils. Use pink thread to stitch centers for the ears and black thread to stitch eyes above the nose.
  4. Trim the dark pink circle down to a smaller oval shape for the pig body. Then cut an identical shaped piece for the body’s backside.
  5. Place dark pink oval shapes with right sides together and edges matching. At the bottom edge, insert the small dark ovals about halfway in to make feet. Use pink thread to stitch around edge to join pieces. Leave a small opening at the top to turn right side out.
  6. Turn pig right side out and insert a pinch of fiberfill. Stitch opening closed.
  7. Add a tail using a stitch of light pink thread knotted in place at the top of the pig body.
  8. Stitch the pig to the back top edge of a sock. Repeat steps to create a second pig for the other sock.

Kids’ Pom-Pom Socks c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.

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Photos by Ashley Hackshaw.