K = Knit
P = Purl
Sts = Stitch(es)
Tog = Together
[ ] =  Instructions between brackets are repeated as directed.
ch(s) = chain(s)
dec = decrease
hk = hook
RS = right side
sc(s) = single crochet(s)
ssk = skip, skip knit
sk = skip
WS = wrong side
Yo = yarn over

View how to knit a double yarn over here.


  1. 22 sts and 31 rows = 4 inches. To save time, take time to check gauge.


  1. St st = Stockinette stitch
    • Row 1 (RS): K across row
    • Row 2: P across row
    • Repeat Rows 1 and 2.
  2. Pattern 1: Lace Flowers, from this downloadable chart. Precious Girl’s Knitted Sweater Craft Pattern.
  3. Pattern 2: Mock Cable
    • Row 1 (RS): K 2, p 1, * k2tog leaving both sts on needle, insert right-hand needle between the 2 sts and k the first st again (st closest to tip of needle) then slip both stitches off needle. P 1, repeat from * to last 2 sts, end with k 2.
    • Row 2: P 2, * k 1, p 2; repeat from * to end of row.
    • Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for pattern.


  1. Cast on 138(150,162) sts on circular needle.


  1. Work 6(6,8) rows even in St st, ending with a WS row: 138(150,162) sts.


  1. K 1, * yo, k2tog, repeat from * to last st, k 1: 138(150,162) sts.
  2. Continue working in St st as established for 8(8,10) rows, ending with a WS row: 138(150,162) sts.
  3. Work Pattern 1 (reading chart from right to left on RS rows and left to right on WS rows) beginning and ending at indicated stitches for size worked.
  4. Repeat Rows 1-20 of chart for a total of 40(50,60) rows.
  5. Work 8 rows of St st, then separate front and back sections by placing first and last 35(38,41) sts on stitch holders.


  1. With RS facing, attach yarn and begin Pattern 2 on back 68(74,80) sts for 1 inch, ending with a WS row.
  2. Continue in St st until armhole measures 4(4-1/4,4-1/2) inches, ending with a WS row.
  3. Next Row: Work 22(23,24) sts, attach a second ball of yarn. Bind off center 24(28,32) sts and work to end. Working both sides at the same time, dec 1 st at neck edge twice, then work even until armhole measures 4-1/4(4-1/2,4-3/4 inches.
  4. Place remaining 20(21,22) sts on holder.


  1. Place 35(38,41) sts of right front on needle, attach yarn and work to match back until armhole measures 2-1/2(2-3/4,3) inches, ending with a WS row.


  1. Bind off at beginning of RS rows 7(9,11) sts once, 3 sts once, 2 sts once, then dec 1 st at neck edge on every row three times: 20(21,22) sts.
  2. Work even until front measures same as back.
  3. Place remaining 20(21,22) sts on stitch holder.


  1. Work to correspond to right front, reversing shaping.


  1. Attach front to back at shoulders using three-needle bind off.
  2. Beginning at underarm and using double point needles, pick up 50(54,58) sts evenly spaced around opening.
  3. Place marker at underarm and work in the round from this point.
  4. Work even until sleeve measures 2-1/2(3,4) inches.
  5. Next Row: K 1, ssk, work to last 3 sts of round, k2tog, k 1. Continue decreasing in this way every 6(6,8) rows, 4(5,6) more times: 40(42,44) sts.
  6. Work even until sleeve measures 7-1/2(8-1/2,11) inches.
  7. Turning Row: Work as for body of sweater.
  8. K 8 rounds.
  9. Bind off loosely.


  1. Turn up hem around bottom edge of body and each sleeve. Sew edge into place with matching yarn.


  1. With RS facing and beginning at lower right front edge, attach yarn and work 1 row of evenly spaced scs up right front, around neck opening and down left front. Turn. Ch 2, work sc in second ch from hk, * ch 3, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc; repeat from * to end. Fasten off.


  1. On left front, sew four buttons opposite ch-3 loops beginning at neck and ending at the bottom of Pattern 2.
  2. Weave in all loose ends.


Finished Size: Precious Girl’s Knitted Sweater is a child’s 18 months (22-inch chest); changes for size 2 (24 inches) and size 4 (26 inches) given in parentheses.


Precious Girl’s Knitted Sweater Craft originally sent in by Susan Gressman of Columbia, Missouri