1. From liner fabric, cut a 9-1/2-in. x 26-in. piece for lining, a 2-in. x 26-in. piece for bag bottom, and two 3-1/2-in. x 9-in. pieces for bottom insert cover. From handle trim ribbons, cut four 9-in. lengths each.
  2.  Place wrong side of bag bottom piece on right side of the lining piece along one 26-in. length.  With a straight stitch, sew a 1/4-in. seam. Press up toward wrong side of lining. On the other 26-in. length of the lining, press down 1/4-in. hem with wrong sides together. Do not stitch.
  3. Choose top ribbon; place its edge right side up near the unstitched top hem on wrong side of fabric. Use a wide zigzag or other decorative stitch to machine-sew ribbon to top of hem.
  4. Place the second ribbon next to the first, edges adjoining. Use a wide zigzag or other decorative stitch to machine-sew them together, making sure to catch both edges.
  5. Continue adding ribbons and stitching their edges together until reaching the end seam. Stitch bottom edge of final ribbon over seam.
  6. Trim ribbon edges on both sides to be even with bag lining edges. Apply seam sealant on cut edges to
    prevent fraying.
  7. With ribbon side facing in, bring the two fabric ends together in a circle, matching up the ribbons. With a straight stitch, machine-sew a 1/2-in. seam along the edge to join the ends. Press seam open.
  8. With a zigzag or other wide decorative stitch on the sewing machine, machine-sew down each side of the seam
    at the edges.
  9. When forming the bag bottom, keep the ribbon side in. With seam facing up, center the seam. Use a straight stitch to machine-sew a 1/4-in. seam along the bottom edge. Press seam open.
  10. With ruler and fabric pen, measure and mark a 1-1/4-inch-square area from each bottom corner. Cut away area, referring to Fig. 1 – Summer Bright Purse for placement. Align ends of bottom seam with side on each cut-away corner to form a box shape bottom. Use a straight stitch on the sewing machine to sew a 1/2-in. seam and close each corner. Turn bag so ribbon side faces out.
  11. Center handles on each side of top opening. With fabric pen, mark where the bases meet fabric. Align one 9-in. length each of the 1/2-in. and 1/8-in. wide ribbons. Fold them in half and mark fold line. Repeat for the three other handle trim ribbons.

Craft originally sent in by Cathy Stapleton of Roebuck, South Carolina.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Customize for other seasons or events by taking advantage of the wide variety of specialty ribbons. For instance, sports fans might enjoy a bag made in team colors imprinted with the team name and logo.