Quilling is a craft method of rolling strips of paper; the strips are then joined to form the craft. Here’s the basic method of rolling:

  1. To roll paper, tear off a strip of 1/8-in.-wide quilling or construction paper to the length specified. Moisten one end slightly;  press it onto the center of the corsage pin or toothpick. (If using a quilling tool, place the paper end in the crevice.)
  2. Roll the remaining length of the strip tightly between your thumb and forefinger, keeping strip’s edges even.
  3. Slide pin/toothpick/tool out and glue end in place, or allow coil to open to desired size, then glue end in place.

Strive for uniformity between like shapes. When gluing quilled shapes together, use a pin or toothpick to place a drop of glue wherever the shapes touch.

Quilling Shapes:  Download the Quilling Shapes Illustration for examples of each used in this ornament, and how where you’ll join them to form the sheep’s head and body.

Tight Circle: Roll paper strip into a tight circle. Glue end in place.

Loose Circle: Roll paper strip into a tight circle. Relax coil to size shown. Glue end in place.

Teardrop: Roll and glue a loose circle. Pinch one side of circle to form a point as shown.

Triangle: Roll and glue a loose circle. Pinch three points on the circle to form a triangle.

Bunny Ear: Roll and glue a loose circle. Pinch two points as shown.

Holly Leaf: Roll and glue a loose circle. Pinch two points opposite each other. Turn shape 90 degrees and pinch two more points to form leaf.

Now craft the various parts of the ornament:

BODY: Tear 33 5-in. lengths of white paper. Roll each into a loose coil.

FEET:  Tear two 6-in. lengths of black paper. Form each into bunny ears.

TAIL: Tear one 5-in. length of black paper; form into a teardrop.

HEAD: Tear an 18-in. length of black paper; form into a triangle.

EAR: Tear two 5-in. lengths of black paper; form each into a teardrop.

HOLLY LEAF: Tear  3-in. length of green paper; form into a holly leaf. Repeat for second leaf.

HOLLY BERRY: Tear a 1-in. length of red paper; form into a tight circle.

HAT: Tear nine 1-1/2-in. lengths of red paper;  form each into a loose circle. Tear a 1-1/2-in. length of white paper; form into a loose circle. Cut a length of white paper in half lengthwise. Coil around quilling tool, then remove from tool and cut into short pieces for hat’s trim.


  1. Work on a square of waxed paper on a flat surface. Glue 33 loose white circles together as shown in Fig. 1 of Quilling Shapes Illustration. Let dry.
  2. Add feet and black teardrop tail. Let dry.
  3. Referring to Fig. 2 in Quilling Shapes Illustration, glue a black teardrop to opposite sides of triangle. Glue nine red loose circles to top of triangle for hat, and glue loose white circle to top of hat.
  4. Glue holly leaves and berry together. Let dry.
  5. Referring to photo to glue head and hat to body, and holly onto hat. Glue trim along lower edge of hat.
  6. Glue wiggle eyes to head. Let dry.

FINISHING:  Carefully remove sheep from waxed paper. Insert thread through ornament where shown in Fig. 1 of Quilling Shapes Illustration. Tie ends in an overhand knot.

DIY ORNAMENT FINISHED SIZE:  Quilled Sheep ornament measures about

3-3/8 in. wide x 2-3/4 in. high (without hanging loop).


Quilled Sheep DIY Ornament originally sent in by Tina Sullivan-Thorp of Holden, Maine. 

Photography by Country Woman.