1. Download and print the Quilt Blocks: Summer Pinwheels pattern.
  2. Wash all fabrics as many times as needed until rinse water runs clear. Dry and press all fabrics.


  1. Place two coordinating 2-1/2-in. squares together with wrong sides facing and edges matching. Repeat with two more matching squares.
  2. Repeat Step 1 with remaining 2-1/2-in. pinwheel squares to make a total of six sets.
  3. Use quilter’s marking pen or pencil to draw a diagonal line on top square of each set.
  4. Using thread that contrasts with fabrics in needle and bobbin, stitch ¼ in. from each side of drawn line of each square. Cut on drawn line of each square to make 12 triangles.
  5. Using pinking shears, trim close to stitching on each triangle.
  6. Fold four matching triangles. Repeat with remaining triangles to make three pinwheels with matching blades.


  1. Referring to layout diagram, pin pinwheel blades to right side of background squares and rectangles with edges matching as shown.
  2. Sew A, B and C pieces together with a ¼-in. seam to form three rows. Press seams in each row open.
  3. Sew the three rows together with a ¼-in. seam, carefully matching corners. Press seams open.


  1. Use quilter’s marking pen or pencil and ruler to draw guidelines for the pinwheel sticks on the front of the pieced block. See photo for placement.
  2. Press ¼ in. to wrong side on each long edge of fabric for sticks. Press paper-backed fusible web to wrong side following manufacturer’s instructions. From strip, cut two 6-in.-long pieces and one 9-in.-long piece. Place sticks over guidelines, being sure to tuck ends under the pinwheel blades. Fuse in place. With matching thread, topstitch along long edges of each stick.
  3. With right sides facing and edges matching, pin 3-1/4-in. tan square of fabric on lower right corner of pieced block, covering ends of sticks. Stitch square in place diagonally from side to side. Fold upper edge down to corner to form a triangle and press. Trim bottom layer, leaving a ¼-in. seam allowance.


  1. Center batting on top of backing and block on top of batting. Pin in place.
  2. Quilt as shown or as desired.
  3. With design centered, trim block to a 10-in. square.

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3

Quilt Blocks: Summer Pinwheels craft originally sent in by Leona Kocher of Oblong, Illinois.