From blue solid fabric cut:

  1. Five 4-1/2-inch squares for pieced block.
  2. Two 5-1/4-inch squares for hourglass squares for pieced block.
  3. Two 11-1/2-inch x 12-1/2-inch rectangles for bottom of pieced block and front pocket.
  4. One 12-1/2-inch x 23-inch rectangle for back pocket.
  5. One 14-inch x 25-inch rectangle for backing.
  6. Two 2-1/2-inch x 44-inch strips for binding. From one binding strip, cut two 2-1/2-inch x 4-inch pieces for penholder.

From contrasting print cut:

  1. Two 5-1/4-inch squares for hourglass squares for pieced block.


  1. Do all piecing with right sides of fabrics facing and accurate 1/4-inch seams. Press seams toward darker fabrics unless directions state otherwise.

Hourglass Square (make four):

  1. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of a 5-1/4-inch contrasting print square. See Fig. 1 at top left of page 47.
  2. Place a 5-1/4-inch blue solid square right side up on a flat surface.
  3. Place a 5-1/4-inch contrasting print square wrong side up on blue solid square.
  4. Sew 1/4 inch from each side of drawn diagonal line and cut on drawn line as shown.
  5. Open and press to make two pieced triangles as shown.
  6. Draw a diagonal line intersecting the seam on the wrong side of a pieced triangle. See Fig. 2 below.
  7. Place two pieced triangles together with opposite colors facing and seams aligned.
  8. Sew 1/4 inch from each side of diagonal line and cut on diagonal line.
  9. Open and press to make two pieced hourglass squares.
  10. Trim each to an accurate 4-1/2-inch square.
  11. Repeat to make four hourglass squares.


  1. Lay out 4-1/2-inch blue solid squares and pieced hourglass squares in three rows with three blocks in each row as shown in photo.
  2. Place 4-inch x 4-1/2-inch piece of plastic on center blue solid square with edges matching on bottom and opposite sides. Bottom and sides will be included in seams, leaving the top edge free to insert photo.
  3. Sew blocks together as planned to form three rows.
  4. Sew rows together as planned to complete the pieced block as shown in the photo.


  1. Place the two 2-1/2-inch x 4-inch pieces of blue solid together with right sides facing.
  2. Sew opposite short ends with a 1/4-inch seam. Turn right side out. Fold piece in half lengthwise.
  3. Pin folded piece centered along bottom of pieced block with raw edges matching.

Calendar Pocket:

  1. With edges matching and right sides facing, sew a 10-inch x 12-1/2-inch piece of blue solid to the bottom edge of the pieced quilt block. Penholder will be sandwiched between layers.
  2. Press 1/2 inch along one long edge of remaining 10-inch x 12-1/2-inch piece of blue solid twice to wrong side. With matching thread, sew close to first fold for hem.
  3. Place hemmed blue solid piece to bottom edge of calendar front with raw edges matching to form pocket to hold calendar.


  1. Use quilter’s marking pen or pencil to mark desired quilting design on blue solid corner squares of pieced block.
  2. Place a 14-inch x 25-inch rectangle of backing fabric wrong side up on a flat surface.
  3. Center batting on top of backing.
  4. Center pieced calendar front right side up on top of batting.
  5. Smooth out all wrinkles.
  6. Pin or hand-baste layers together as needed to hold.
  7. Using contrasting thread, hand-quilt along marked lines and 1/4 inch from seams of hourglass squares in pieced block.
  8. Square calendar holder, trimming excess fabric and batting from all sides to a 12-1/2-inch x 23-inch rectangle.


  1. Hem one short edge of remaining 12-1/2-inch x 23-inch rectangles as for front pocket.
  2. Pin hemmed back pocket with wrong side facing back of calendar holder and hemmed edge at the top of the pieced block.
  3. Pin or baste as needed to hold.


  1. Sew short ends of binding strips together with a diagonal seam to make one long strip. Press seam open and trim to 1/4 inch from stitching.
  2. Fold one short end diagonally and press. Trim excess.
  3. Fold binding strip in half lengthwise. Press.
  4. Sew binding to right side of calendar holder with raw edges matching and a 1/4-inch seam, mitering corners. Top edge of back pocket should not be included in seam.
  5. Fold binding to back, encasing raw edges.
  6. Hand-sew fold of binding to backing, covering seam.


  1. Hand-sew a curtain ring to opposite back top corners.
  2. Slip cardboard piece into back pocket.
  3. Place calendar into front pocket as shown.
  4. Place photo inside photo pocket and pen in penholder.


  1. This quick-and-easy project can dress up nearly any size calendar. Just adjust the holder size to match your calendar, and select coordinating fabrics and blocks to suit your decor.
  2. Rather than piecing the block as directed, you can substitute any 12-1/2-inch x 12-1/2-inch pieced quilt block from your stash.

Finished Size: Calendar holder shown measures about 12-1/2 inches across x 23 inches high. Size may vary depending on size of calendar used.

Craft originally sent in by Yvonne Hollenbeck of Clearfield, South Dakota.

See how subscriber Ann Signor of Locke, New York made her own version of the quilted calendar holder.