Download and print quilt patterns.


  1. From tan mottled print, cut an 18-1/2-inch x 28-1/2-inch rectangle for background.
  2. From orange print, cut two 1-inch x 18-1/2-inch strips and two 1-inch x 28-1/2-inch strips for inner border.
  3. From dark gold print, cut four 3-1/2-inch squares for cornerstones.
  4. From brown print, cut two 3-1/2-inch x 18-1/2-inch strips and two 3-1/2-inch x 28-1/2-inch strips for outer border.
  5. From black print, cut three 2-inch x 44-inch strips for binding.


  1. Fold each orange print strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing and long edges matching.
  2. Pin a 28-1/2-inch-long strip to opposite long sides of the background fabric with raw edges matching. Sew in place with a scant 1/4-inch seam. Do not press open.
  3. Pin the remaining 18-1/2-inch strips to the top and bottom of the background fabric and sew in place as before. Do not press open.


Sew border pieces with right sides facing and an accurate 1/4-inch seam. Open and press each border piece after sewing.

  1. Sew a 28-1/2-inch-long brown print border to opposite long sides of the background fabric with raw edges matching.
  2. Sew a 3-1/2-inch gold print square to opposite short ends of each 18-1/2-inch-long brown print border strip.
  3. Sew pieced border strips to top and bottom edges of wall hanging, carefully matching corners.


  1. Trace enlarged boot doily, boot bottom, boot sole, heel and boot top patterns on paper side of fusible web as patterns direct, leaving at least 1/2 inch between shapes. Cut shapes, leaving a margin of paper around each.
  2. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse shapes to wrong side of fabrics as directed on patterns.
  3. Cut out shapes following  patterns.
  4. Referring to photo at top for placement, fuse boot doily to background about 2 inches from top edge of bottom inner border.
  5. Fuse heel, boot bottom and boot sole in place. Then add boot top, being careful not to fuse the top edge of the boot to the background so stems can be added later.
  6. Fuse a horseshoe to each cornerstone as shown in photo.


  1. Place backing fabric wrong side up on a flat surface.
  2. Center batting on top of backing.
  3. Place wall hanging right side up on top of batting.
  4. Smooth out all wrinkles and hand-baste to hold layers together.


  1. With matching thread, quilt background around boot and boot doily as desired. Jan used a loop and star design.
  2. In the same way, quilt background around each horseshoe and the outer border.


  1. Square wall hanging, trimming backing and batting even with wall hanging top.
  2. For hanging sleeve, hem the short ends of an 8-inch x 26-inch strip of backing fabric and fold in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing. Center hanging sleeve along top edge of wall hanging. Sew raw edges even with top edge of wall hanging.
  3. Sew short ends of binding strips together diagonally to make one long strip. Trim and press seams open. Press one short end diagonally 1/4 inch to wrong side.
  4. Press strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing.
  5. Sew binding strip to back of top with edges matching and a 1/4-inch seam, mitering corners.
  6. Fold binding to front, mitering corners and encasing raw edges.
  7. With matching thread and a blanket stitch, machine-sew fold of binding to front of quilt.
  8. Hand-sew fold of hanging sleeve to back of wall hanging.



  1. Fuse a slightly smaller piece of paper-backed web to wrong side of green print fabric piece for stems.
  2. Cut 1/4-inch-wide strips of fused green fabric for stems.
  3. Referring to photo for placement, place several different length stems on wall hanging. Tuck stem ends under top edge of boot top. Fuse stems and boot top to wall hanging.

Sunflowers and leaves:

  1. Trace enlarged sunflower, sunflower center and leaf patterns onto paper side of fusible web as directed on patterns, leaving 1/2 inch between shapes. Cut shapes apart, leaving a margin of paper around each.
  2. Fuse shapes to wrong side of fabrics.
  3. Cut out shapes, following patterns.
  4. Remove backing and fuse large and small leaves and sunflowers A, B and C onto wrong side of matching fabrics. Cut out each following outline. If desired, trace two more A sunflower shapes onto paper-backed fusible web. Fuse web to wrong side of a contrasting fabric. Cut out each, cutting about 1/8 inch inside outline to make a smaller sunflower. Remove backing and fuse smaller sunflowers to two different A sunflowers.
  5. Remove backing from sunflower centers. Fuse centers to matching sunflowers.
  6. Place sunflowers and leaves on background as shown in photo.
  7. With matching thread, straight stitch around center of each sunflower and down center of each leaf. Edges of sunflowers and leaves are not stitched to add dimension.


  1. Cut 12 cattails from brown fabric.
  2. Layer four cattail pieces with edges matching to make three cattails.
  3. Pin a layered cattail to background where shown in photo.
  4. With matching thread, straight stitch around each cattail, stitching about 1/2 inch from edge.
  5. Slit center of layered fabrics, being careful not to cut into background of wall hanging.
  6. Cut slits into layered fabric about 1/4 inch apart around all edges, being careful not to cut into stitching.
  7. Fluff edges of each cattail with chenille brush or small stiff brush. While brushing the fabric, spray cattails lightly with water to help fabric fray. This may take a lot of brushing, but fluff fully to make them look great.


  1. Trace boot pull and circle patterns onto paper side of fusible web. Cut out and fuse to wrong side of fabrics as before.
  2. Remove backing and fuse boot tab to center top of boot and a circle to opposite sides of boot tab where shown on pattern.
  3. With matching thread, stitch near edge of boot doily, horseshoes, heel, sole and circles.
  4. With contrasting thread, stitch along top edge of sole, around boot top and around tab. In the same way, add detail stitching to boot bottom and boot top.


  1. Remove shanks from buttons.
  2. Glue ladybug to sunflower on boot doily and bee to background where desired.

Finished Size: Wall hanging measures about 24-1/2 inches wide x 34-1/2 inches high.

Quilted Cowboy Boot Wall Hanging sewing craft originally sent in by Jan Barnett of Greybull, Wyoming.

Photo by Country Woman Magazine.