1. To begin Quilted Wall Hanging Craft, download printable heart patterns here.
  2. From light print background fabric, cut three 6-1-/2-inch x 6-1/2-inch pieces for background squares.
  3. From green print fabric, cut two 1-inch x 6-inch crosswise strips for sashing, two 1-inch x 18-inch strips and two 1-inch x 7-inch strips for inner border.
  4. From red print, cut two 2-inch x 19-inch crosswise strips and two 2-inch x 10-inch strips for outer border.
  5. From backing fabric, cut one 12-inch x 24-inch piece for backing and one 3-inch-wide strip for hanging sleeve equal to the finished width of the wall hanging.


  1. Trace traditional or folk art heart pattern onto paper side of fusible web three times, leaving at least 1/2 inch between shapes.
  2. Cut shapes apart, leaving a margin of paper around each.
  3. Fuse each heart to wrong side of three different red print fabrics, following manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Cut out hearts and fuse one to center of each 6-1/2-inch background square.
  5. Sew on lace pieces as shown, trim ends even with heart edge.
  6. Center stabilizer on back of each background square.
  7. With matching thread, satin-stitch around hearts. Pull loose threads to back and fasten off.
  8. Trim each background square to an accurate 6-inch square.


Sew wall hanging together with accurate 1/4-inch seams. Press seams as directed.


Lay out the three appliqued blocks in a vertical or horizontal row, sew a 1-inch x 6-inch sashing strip between the blocks and press seams toward sashings.

Inner Border:

  1. Sew a 1-inch x 18-inch inner border strip to opposite long edges of the pieced wall hanging. Press seams toward inner borders.
  2. Sew a 1-inch x 7-inch inner border strip to opposite narrow edges of wall hanging. Press seams toward inner borders.

Outer Border:

  1. Sew a 2-inch x 19-inch outer border to opposite long edges of wall hanging. Press seams toward outer border.
  2. Sew a 2-inch x 10-inch outer border to opposite narrow edges of wall hanging. Press seams toward outer border.
  3. Trim wall hanging to a 10-inch x 22-inch rectangle.


  1. Place batting on a flat surface and center backing, right side up, on top of batting. Center wall hanging, wrong side up, on top of backing. Pin or baste as needed to hold.
  2. Sew around wall hanging, stitching 1/4 inch from outside edge of wall hanging and leaving an opening for turning.
  3. Trim excess batting and backing even with raw edge of wall hanging. Trim corners diagonally.
  4. Turn right side out through opening. Turn raw edge of opening in and hand-sew opening closed.
  5. Straight-stitch around outer edge of satin stitching on hearts.
  6. Stitch in-the-ditch around each background square and the inner border.
  7. Stitch 1/4 from outside edges of wall hanging.
  8. Hand-sew buttons, ribbon rose and other trims to hearts.


  1. Turn narrow ends of hanging sleeve twice to the wrong side and sew close to first fold to hem.
  2. Fold hanging sleeve in half lengthwise and sew long raw edges together with a narrow seam to make a tube. Turn tube right side out.
  3. Center seam on back and press.
  4. Center hanging sleeve with seam facing back along top back of wall hanging. Hand-sew top and bottom folds of hanging sleeve to top back of wall hanging.