1. Layer pieces in this order: 1 layer FriendlyFelt, 1 layer fusible web, felt padding, 1 layer fusible web, woven decorative fabric (right side up). Make sure the edges of bottom FriendlyFelt piece and top decorative fabric line up.
  2. Iron all layers together following fusible web package directions.
  3. After fusing, layers may shift. Trim around so that edges are even.
  4. Machine stitch through all layers along outside of fabric motif. If decorative fabric does not have a central motif, you may want to stitch an overall decorative pattern across pendant.
  5. Use a tight zigzag stitch to sew around the pendant edges.
  6. If desired, embellish pendant with embroidery stitching.
  7. Trim any fraying edges and apply anti-fraying liquid.
  8. Take the remaining piece of FriendlyFelt and apply a generous amount of glue to one side, to within ¼-in. of the edges.
  9. Position eye pin in the glue so that the loop protrudes slightly beyond the edge of the FriendlyFelt.
  10. Attach the FriendlyFelt with eye pin to the back of the pendant, making sure the loop is exposed at the top.
  11. Press pendant under heavy books for several hours until glue is completely dry.

Crafter’s note: FriendlyFelt is a recycled fiber with a soft texture and ridged structure. Available online.

Quilted Jewelry Pendant Craft original post  and photography c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Diane Gilleland of Craftypod.

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