Download and print the Quilted Star Table Runner  pattern.

Cutting:  Use quilter’s marking pen or pencil to mark fabrics before cutting them. Cut with a scissors or  rotary cutting tools; cut strips crosswise from selvage to selvage.

  1. Trim each of the eight different fabrics into 4-in.-wide strips. From each strip, cut four 4-in. squares, creating a total of 32 squares.
  2. From the fabric for the inner border, cut two 1-in.-wide x 11-in.-long strips and two 1-in.-wide x 36-1/2-in.-long strips.
  3. From the fabric for the outer border, cut two 3-in.-wide x 36-1/2-in.-wide strips and two 3-in.-wide x 17-in.-long strips.
  4. From binding fabric, cut three 2-1/4-in.-wide strips.

Piecing:  Do all stitching with right sides of fabrics together, edges even, matching or neutral thread and an accurate 1/4-in. seam. Press seams as directed.

  1. Lay out 30 of the 4-in. squares randomly in three rows with 10 squares in each row (there will be  two extra squares).
  2. Sew the blocks in each row together in planned order; press seams in each row in opposite directions.
  3. Sew the rows together; press seams in opposite directions.


  1. Trace Quilted Star Table Runner  patterns separately onto tracing paper with pencil.
  2. Trace each star twice onto paper side of fusible web, leaving at least 1/2 in. between shapes. Cut shapes apart, leaving a margin of paper around each.
  3. Fuse stars onto wrong side of gold applique fabric following the manufacturer’s instructions. When cool, cut out stars along outline of patterns. Remove paper backing.
  4. Fuse stars to right side of pieced runner where desired;  place tear-away stabilizer behind stars.
  5. Using rayon or decorative thread, blanket-stitch around each star. Bring all loose threads to the back and secure; remove stabilizer.

Inner Border:  Sew short inner border strips to opposite short edges of pieced top. Press seam toward inner border. In the same way, sew the long inner border strips to the opposite long edges of the pieced top. Press as before.

Outer Border: Sew long outer border strips to opposite long edges of the inner border. Press seam toward outer border. In the same way, sew the short outer border strips to the opposite short edges of the inner border. Press as before.

Quilting: Place backing fabric wrong side up on a flat surface; center batting on top, and pieced runner (right side up) on top of batting.

Smooth out all wrinkles; baste layers to hold.  Quilt as desired; trim excess batting and backing even with outer edges.


  1. Sew narrow ends of binding strips together diagonally to make one long strip.
  2. Trim one short end of binding strip diagonally and press 1/4 in. to the wrong side.
  3.  Fold and press binding strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing.
  4.  Sew binding to front of runner with a 1/4-in. seam, mitering corners and overlapping ends. Trim excess binding.
  5. Fold binding to back of runner, encasing raw edges and mitering the corners.
  6. With matching or neutral thread, either sew binding in place using a long zigzag stitch or hand-sew fold of binding to backing. Remove basting.

Finished Size: Quilted Star Table Runner is about 17 in.  wide x 41 in. long.

Quilted Star Table Runner  project originally sent in by Mary Caine, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Photography by Taste of Home; originally published in Taste of Home Christmas 2009.