1. To begin crafting your quilted tote, first download Craft Figures 1 & 2.
  2. From quilted fabric, cut one 18- x 30-in. piece for outside of tote. Cut two 3-1/2- x 18-in. strips for casings and one 7- x 10-in. piece for outside pocket.
  3. Overcast edges of 7- x 10-in. piece for pocket. With right sides facing, sew piping 1 in. from one long edge of pocket piece. With raw edges matching, sew piping to opposite long edge. Fold seam allowances to wrong side.
  4. Center pocket piece right side up on front of 18- x 30-in. piece for outside of tote with top edge about 3 in. from top raw edge of tote piece. Topstitch side edges to front of tote. Stitch in-the-ditch of the piping seam along bottom edge of pocket only.
  5. Cut two 3-in. lengths of belting. Fold each in half crosswise. With raw edges matching, pin one to the center front top edge of the tote and one to the center back top edge of the tote.
  6. With right sides facing and raw edges matching, sew piping to top edge of front and back of tote.
  7. With right sides facing, pin a 3-1/2- x 18-in. casing strip to outside top edges of front and back of tote. Sew each in place, stitching just outside previous stitching and making sure piping is visible on the outside of the tote. Fold each casing strip in half, matching raw edges. Sew raw edges together, stitching on previous row of stitching. Overcast raw edges together.
  8. Center and sew hook-and-loop tape below casing on back of tote.
  9. Fold remaining belting piece in half crosswise. Mark fold.
  10. Referring to Fig. 1 and starting and stopping at the center bottom, pin belting piece to outside of the tote. Making sure belting is not twisted, pin marked fold to other side of center bottom. With matching thread, topstitch the belting to the outside of the tote. Do not stitch through the casing on the front and back of tote.
  11. Fold the tote in half crosswise and mark the fold at each side of the
  12. bottom of the tote. With raw edges matching and starting at the casing seam, sew piping to opposite sides of front of tote.
  13. Use craft scissors to round the ends of each of the four pieces of carpenter’s tape. Stack two lengths of carpenter’s tape together with edges matching. Wrap each end with masking tape or duct tape. Repeat with remaining pieces of carpenter’s tape.
  14. With numbers facing the inside, slide a set into the front and back casings of the tote. Baste across ends to hold.
  15. Fold quilted tote in half crosswise with right sides facing. Sew side seams, stitching just inside previous piping stitching. Overcast seam.
  16. For a flat bottom, align side and bottom seams forming a triangle as shown in Fig. 2 shown on right. With a straight stitch, sew across triangle about 1/4 in. from belting.
  17. Turn quilted tote right side out and place plastic canvas piece on bottom of tote.

Finished Size: Quilted tote measures about 17 inches wide x 13 inches high without straps.

Craft originally created by Taste of Home Craft Editor Jane Craig.