1. Using paper towel and nail polish remover, remove lettering from lid.
  2. Drill a hole through wooden rectangle centered about 1/16-inch down from the top on one long side of the piece.
  3. With hammer and nail, punch a hole through the outer ridge of the lid, then make another hole directly across from the first hole.


  1. Keep paper towels and water handy to clean brushes. Place dabs of each paint color on plate or palette as needed. Paint all sides of each wood piece. Let dry and apply more coats as needed for complete coverage.
  2. Paint as directed.


  1. Pour a small amount of orange and gold paints onto plate or palette.
  2. Dip sponge into each, dabbing excess onto paper towel.
  3. With an up-and-down motion, sponge-paint all sides of the wooden rectangle, blending the paints together.
  4. Use liner and green to paint a wavy line separated by small dots around outer edge of sign.
  5. Write “Happy Halloween” with pencil on front of sign, then use liner and black to paint over the lettering.


  1. Pour a small puddle of orange and gold paints onto plate or palette. Load one side of small flat paintbrush with orange paint and the other with gold. Pull brush across plate or palette to blend the colors each time you load the paintbrush.
  2. Paint the outside rim of the lid and the indentation.
  3. Paint the front of the lid using curved strokes to resemble the shell of a pumpkin.


  1. With pencil, draw eyes, nose and mouth as shown.
  2. Paint them black, with liner or small flat brush.

Hanging loop:

  1. Cut a 14-inch length of craft wire and fold it in half twice to make a 3-1/2-inch-long piece.
  2. Twist the halves together, then fold it in half to make a loop for hanging.
  3. Glue loop ends to back of lid at top.


  1. Cut a 6-inch length craft wire.
  2. Insert one end through hole at top of lid.
  3. Coil wire ends around a paintbrush handle. Remove handle and shape coiled ends.
  4. Cut two 2-inch lengths of craft wire. Coil wire around paintbrush handle, leaving a 1/4-inch tail of wire. Remove paintbrush and glue the straight end of each piece to sign’s opposite top corners.
  5. Cut and coil another 2-inch length of craft wire, this time leaving 1/2 inch straight on each end. Remove paintbrush and insert one end through drilled hole in top of sign. Wrap end around wire to secure and coil end as before.
  6. Insert opposite straight end through hole in bottom of lid and secure as before.
  7. Cut the stem from each ivy leaf. Glue two large leaves to top of lid as shown, and a small leaf between the two.
  8. Glue remaining small leaves to the opposite top corners of sign, covering wire ends but leaving coiled wire exposed.


Place on a protected surface and spray with gold glitter spray, following manufacturer’s instructions. Let dry.

Finished Size: About 2-3/4 inches wide x 5-1/4 inches long.

Recycled juice can craft originally sent in by Christina Howard of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Photo by Country Woman Magazine.