1. Remove electrical parts from the lamp base, using wire cutters on cords and a wrench to remove screws as needed. Leave center lamp pipe intact.
  2. Invert the glass shade and adjust the lamp pipe so that it will protrude slightly through the hole.
  3. Fill the check ring from the lockup kit with putty so the birdbath won’t leak. Place check ring on the top of the lamp pipe, between the lamp base and shade.
  4. Slip the lamp pipe through the hole in the shade.
  5. Hand-tighten the washer and cap nut from the lockup kit to secure the shade to the lamp pipe and base.

Note: Water should be no deeper than 2 inches in the middle of your birdbath. If your basin is too deep, add stones to the bottom to give thirsty birds a safe place to perch.

Recycled Lamp DIY Birdbath designed by Joan Russell, Tupelo, Ms. Photography by Country Woman.