1. Cut apron pieces, referring to diagram.
  2. With right sides together, serge or sew sides of front panel to side panel pieces, pivoting at waistline when seam angles. Press seams toward front; topstitch. Apply rickrack  to front of seams.
  3. Stitch seam binding over side edges to finish.
  4. Serge or sew side and bottom edges of decorative panel; topstitch. Stitch rickrack around these three edges as shown in photo.


  1. Mark or pin 5-1/2 in. from top of skirt for waistband. Iron under 1/2 in. of apron top. Line up ironed fold with waistband mark, then iron in place to demarcate waistband.
  2. Unfold; apply iron-on interfacing to inside front of waistband.
  3. Refold; stitch close to folded waistband seam (this will also create a stitch line on front for aligning ties).


Press under 1/2 in. of one end of each tie piece. Press under 1/4 in. of all long edges. Fold each tie in half lengthwise; press. Topstitch all pressed edges.


  1. On decorative panel, mark top and bottom placement of pockets by pinning. With panel upside down, line up raw edge with waistband stitching, matching center fronts and with right sides together. (Top of decorative panel lies upside down over waistband, so when it’s turned down it lies correctly.) Baste in place at top edge.
  2. On the front, align bottom of ties with top waistband stitching, making sure to indent the raw edges of ties about 1/2 in. from edges of decorative panel to conceal. Baste ends in place.
  3. Stitch bottoms and tops of ties through all thicknesses (over previous stitching).
  4. Flip decorative panel down over apron so tops align; press. Stitch top of panel down and pin its sides in place.
  5. Stitch from the top of decorative panel to the top pocket marking. Then pivot needle and stitch around pocket line using the pocket template as a guide. Backstitch to secure at bottom of pocket. Repeat on other side.


Hem bottom of apron using binding or by turning hem under 1/2 in. and sewing.

Or, for a more decorative edge:  Cut scalloped-edge fabric or trim (such as the bottom of a vintage tablecloth) 2-1/2 in. wide as long as the bottom edge of the apron. Match right sides of trim and apron hem. Serge or sew, turn down, press and topstitch.

Retro Apron Pattern craft project originally sent in by Terri Roller of Glendale, Wisconsin.

Photo by Country Woman Magazine.