1. Download and print Craft Pattern
  2. Use copy machine to enlarge pattern to 200%, or mark tracing paper with a 1-inch grid and draw pattern as shown onto tracing paper.
  3. Trace enlarged pattern onto folded tracing paper. Cut out and open for a complete pattern.
  4. Cut out heart from taffeta and quilt batting as directed on pattern.
  5. Pin fabric hearts with right sides together and edges matching. Sew hearts together with a 1/4-inch seam, leaving opening between dots for turning as indicated on pattern. Trim point and clip curves. Turn the heart right side out through the opening.
  6. Trim 1/4 inch from outside edge of each quilt batting heart. Place the two trimmed quilt batting heart shapes inside ring pillow and align the shapes, matching the outside edges of the quilt batting hearts with the stitched seam of the ring pillow.
  7. Insert polyester stuffing between layers of batting to give the pillow a smooth look. Stuff firmly but do not overstuff so as not to distort heart shape.
  8. Turn raw edges of opening in. Hand-stitch opening closed. Glue fringe to seam on outside edge of the ring pillow as shown in the photo below left.
  9. Glue or hand-stitch pearl spray and white flowers at an angle to front of ring pillow as shown in photo. Place ribbon roses where desired and glue or hand-stitch them in place.
  10. Cut a 6-inch piece of each color ribbon. Fold each ribbon in half to form a loop. Glue or hand-stitch ends of each loop to ring pillow so loops are visible and ends are hidden under flowers.
  11. Fold each remaining length of ribbon in half. Apply a dot of glue to fold of each. Glue fold of each under flowers, or hand-stitch folds to ring pillow. Tie bride’s and groom’s rings to these ribbons.
  12. Center elastic across back of ring pillow and hand-stitch ends to ring pillow for hand loop.


Finished Size: Heart ring pillow measures about 10 inches across x 9 inches high without fringe.


 Craft originally sent in by Louise Ducharme of Wynndel, British Columbia.