1. If you’re lucky enough to find a basket with a previous liner, use the old liner as a pattern. Otherwise, measure your basket to create pieces if you don’t have or want to cut up the old liner. Just remember to add seam allowances. You want to add seam allowances to your new pieces–1/4 to 1/2″ or so.
  2. Sew pieces together. Starting at one side of square end piece, sew down the side, across the bottom, then up the other side.
  3. Repeat on opposite end. Then you’ll have the rectangular box shape.
  4. Hem top edge. I serged around the top, but you could always zigzag.  Then I just folded it down 1/4″ once and top-stitched the hem.
  5. Just plop it in your basket and fold the top edge down and you’re finished!

Sewn Basket Liner Craft Tutorial c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Jessica Kelly of Running with Scissors.

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