BC: back cross
FC: front cross
p : purl
 rep : repeat
RS : right side
st(s) : stitch(es)
WS : wrong side
[ ]    
Instructions between 
brackets are repeated a 
given number of times. 

GAUGE: 20 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch.


St st = stockinette stitch:

Row 1 (RS): Knit across row.

Row 2 (WS): Purl across row.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2.


Slip next 3 sts to cable needle, hold in back (front), k 3, k 3 from cable needle.

M 1 = MAKE 1:

To increase one stitch, use left needle to pick up the horizontal strand between stitches, working from front to back. With right needle, knit in back of this stitch so it twists.

Garter st = GARTER STITCH:

Every row: Knit across row.


Download Snowflake Throw or Afghan chart and illustration. For throw size, make three inner strips, one left strip and one right strip. For afghan size, make five inner strips, one left and one right strip.

Inner Strip: Cast on 39 sts.

Bottom border: Work in garter st to make 6 ridges on RS, ending with a WS row.

Set-up row:

K 1, p 1, [k 1, M 1] three times, p 1, place marker; k 3, M 1, [k 7, M 1] three times, k 3, place marker; p 1, [k 1, M 1] three times, p 1, k 1: 49 sts.

Rows 2, 4, 6 and 8 (WS): P 1, k 1, p 6, k 1; p 31; k 1, p 6, k 1, p 1.

Rows 3, 7 and 9 (RS): K 1, p 1, k 6, p 1; k 31; p 1, k 6, p 1, k 1.

Row 5: K 1, p 1, BC, p 1; k 31; p 1, FC, p 1, k 1.

Rows 10-57: Rep Rows 2-9 six more times, ending with Row 9.

Row 58: P 1, k 1, p 6; k 1; k 31; k 1; p 6, k 1, p 1.

Row 59: Rep Row 3.

Row 60: Rep Row 58.

Row 61: Rep Row 5.

Row 62: Rep Row 58.

Row 63: Rep Row 3.

Row 64: Rep Row 58.

Row 65: Rep Row 3.

Rep Rows 2-65 four (six) more times, making a total of five (seven) St st blocks, ending with Row 57 on fourth (sixth) repeat.

Decrease for top border:

Decreasing 3 sts across 9 sts of each side border and 4 sts evenly across St st block, knit across next row. Work in garter st to make 5 ridges on RS, ending with a WS row. Bind off in purl on the RS.

Make a total of 3(5) inner strips.

Right (Left) Edge Strip: Cast on 44 sts, work in garter st for 6 ridges on RS, ending with a WS row as for bottom border of inner strip. On set-up row, place marker 5 sts from right (left) edge. Keeping these 5 sts in garter st throughout, work right (left) edge strip on remaining 49 sts as for inner strip.


  1. Using tapestry needle and green, stitch strips together, matching the cable crossings and stitching through Garter st “bumps” to make an almost invisible seam.
  2. Following chart below left, use a single strand of white to duplicate-stitch snowflakes in the center of alternating blocks. See Fig. 1 on .pdf.
  3. Weave in loose yarn ends.
  4. Block if needed.

SNOWFLAKE AFGHAN PATTERN – FINISHED SIZE: Directions are for throw size, 42 in. x 46 in. Changes for afghan size, 58 in. x 64 in., are in parentheses.

Snowflake Throw or Afghan craft designed by E.J. Slayton of Cadet, Missouri. Snowflake Throw or Afghan craft photography by Country Woman magazine.