1. Download and print the Craft Pattern
  2. Fold the paper in half along the A-B dotted line with the pattern on the outside as in Figure 1.
  3. Place the folded paper pattern side down on a flat surface. The C-D fold line should show on the side that is up.
  4. Place your fingernail on the fold line at C as shown in Figure. 2. Fold the bottom left corner up as shown, bringing the corner up next to the dotted line. (You should be able to see the dotted line all the way down to your fingernail.)
  5. Fold the bottom right corner up so the edge is even with the last fold as shown in Figure 3. When you are sure that that folds line up properly and you have a sharp tip, crease the paper with your fingernail to make the folds tight and the point sharp.
  6. Fold the paper in half as shown in Figure 4, keeping the point sharp and all folded edges exactly even with each other. The snowman pattern will now be on top.
  7. Hold the folded paper securely and cut on all solid lines of the snowman pattern. Do not cut along dashed fold lines (except the snowman’s mouth, as the mouth section will be removed).
  8. Use hole punch to make the eyes and buttons.
  9. Unfold.


  1. Make all folds exactly on the dotted lines.
  2. Don’t let top layer of paper slip out of place when cutting out the snowflake.
  3. Use a bone folder or other firm, stiff item to crease each fold—fingers can get sore when making several snowflakes.
  4. Use quality, sharp scissors and punches.
  5. Experiment with any light- to medium-weight paper at least 8-1/2 inches square. (Thin paper is easier to cut through the folds.) Origami paper works well as do coffee filters. Filmy, iridescent wrapping paper, though harder to work with, yields shiny flakes that cling to windows.

Craft originally sent in by Marion Nichols of Pontoon Beach, Illinois.