1. Download and print Sock Bunny Sewing Craft Layout
  2. Cut across top of sock just below the ribbing. Save ribbing for sock bunny’s arms.
  3. Cut out a V-shaped piece from the top of the sock as shown in Fig. 1 at right to make ears. Discard shaded area.
  4. Pour about 1-1/2 cups of plastic doll pellets into sock for bunny’s body. Wrap string around sock above pellets and knot securely. Clip ends of string close to knot.
  5. Pour about 1-1/4 cups of pellets into sock for bunny’s head. Wrap string around sock above pellets and tie off as before.
  6. Fold each length of craft wire in half. Slip a wire piece into each ear as shown in Fig. 2 at right. Glue open edges of each ear together.
  7. Thread embroidery needle with black floss. Make one long straight stitch down center of bunny’s face as shown in photo.
  8. Glue pom-pom above black stitching for nose and two black beads above pom-pom for eyes.
  9. Cut a 6-inch length of black floss. Separate the strands glue three strands below nose for whiskers. Apply craft glue to the strands to stiffen and let dry.
  10. Cut two arms from ribbing piece as shown in Fig. 3 at right. Glue cut edges together, leaving top open as shown in Fig. 4 at right. Let dry.
  11. Fill each arm with pellets. Glue top closed. Let dry.
  12. Glue an arm to opposite sides of bunny.
  13. Wrap raffia around stems of flowers and knot to hold.
  14. Glue flowers to one arm and rake to other arm if desired.
  15. Place fabric for apron on front of bunny as shown in photo.
  16. Wrap fabric for bow around bunny’s neck and over top of apron. Tie ends in a bow and trim ends as desired.
  17. Use cotton swab to apply cosmetic blush to inside of each ear and to bunny’s cheeks.


  1. Shape the sock bunny’s ears as shown in photo.
  2. Glue tan pom-pom to center back of bunny for tail.

Finished Size: Sock Bunny Sewing Craft measures about 6 inches across x 6-1/2 inches high.

Sock Bunny Sewing Craft originally sent in by Charemon Anderson, South Beloit, Illinois