1. Place broken ornaments in heavy plastic bag and use hammer to gently break into small pieces.
  2. Sprinkle ornament pieces into recessed area of the charger. Arrange pieces as desired, with some pieces colored side up, and others with the inside silver or gold color showing.
  3. Mix the EnviroTex Lite following the manufacturer’s instructions. Working in a well-lit area, pour the EnviroTex Lite slowly into the charger, completely covering the ornament pieces. Use skewer to break air bubbles, move or break pieces and push down any pieces that surface. Check to make sure the surface is completely smooth. Let dry on a firm, level surface until hardened. Note: Items are not heat-resistant.
  4. Wipe clean, but don’t submerge in water.

FINISHED SIZE: Use any size charger. Our charger measures 13 inches across.

Sparkling Charger Plate originally sent in by Wendy Borchert of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

Photography by Country Woman.