1. Using 3/4-in. flat paintbrush, apply three coats of MagiKote to each ball, ensuring that you coat inside the indentations as well. Allow two-three hours dry time between each coat.
  2.  Sand the entire surface to remove any rough edges.
  3.  Using 3/4-in.  flat paintbrush, paint entire ball Americana White Wash for the baseball and/or soccer ball, and Americana Cadmium Orange for the basketball. Paint a second coat when first has dried.
  4. Use a pencil to lightly draw the lines where the baseball stitches will go. Also draw on the soccer ball sections. After the painting step and the paint has dried, excess pencil marks can be easily erased.
  5. Use liner paintbrush to paint the lines of the basketball and the soccer ball using Americana Lamp (Ebony) Black. Using the same brush, paint the baseball stitches using Americana Berry Red.
  6. Use a flat paintbrush to fill in the black sections of the soccer ball.
  7.  Erase any excess pencil marks.
  8.  Use 3/4-in. flat paintbrush to add two coats of Starlight Topcoat.
  9.  Cut a piece of sturdy string to 12-in. in length. Holding the two open ends together, tie ends in a knots, inserting the head end of a stick pin just before tightening. Insert pointed end of stick pin into the top of the ball. Before pushing the pin all the way in, add a dot of hot glue around the pin, then push the pin all the way in.

 NOTE: If you find that using a marker is easier for you than paint and a liner brush, you can substitute using this method.

Sports DIY Ornaments Craft c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Amanda of Crafts by Amanda.

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