1. Download and print Spring Chicken Easter Craft Pattern
  2. Trace patterns onto tracing paper as directed on patterns. Set egg and heart patterns aside.
  3. Layer the chenille squares with right sides facing and edges matching. Pin the chicken pattern onto the chenille with grain lines matching. Cut out chicken on traced lines, making sure to cut through both layers of chenille. Remove pattern.
  4. With right sides facing, sew chicken pieces together with a 1/4-in. seam, leaving opening at top of head for turning where shown on pattern. Clip curves and trim corners diagonally. Turn chicken right side out.
  5. Pour rice or doll pellets into bottom of chicken. Then add stuffing to body until it reaches the wings.
  6. Stuff wings to give shape but do not stuff completely (wings will be folded onto front of bird). Stuff head firmly. Turn raw edges of opening in and hand-sew the opening closed.
  7. With edges even, lay a 3-1/2-in. pastel fabric square wrong side up, place a square of quilter’s fleece on top and add a matching pastel fabric square right side up on fleece. Layer the remaining fleece and pastel fabric squares in the same way.
  8. Cut out egg pattern on traced line. Pin egg pattern on top of one set of stacked layers. Trace around egg shape with quilter’s marking pen or pencil. Repeat with remaining sets of layers.
  9. Separate six-strand embroidery floss and thread embroidery needle with two strands. Sew around each egg with matching floss, stitching 1/4 in. inside traced line. Cut out eggs, cutting just inside traced line.
  10. Pin heart pattern to pink print fabric scrap and cut out. Center heart right side up on front of one egg. Thread embroidery needle with three strands of matching floss. Sew heart onto egg with long straight stitches.
  11. Referring to the photo at left for position, sew buttons to eggs with contrasting colors of floss. If desired, sew stitches in a zigzag pattern on one egg for decoration.
  12. Paint wooden heart orange. When dry, add two small lines with marker at bottom of heart, as shown in photo.
  13. Referring to photo for placement, hand-sew beads onto head for eyes with black thread. Glue wooden heart below the eyes.
  14. Use cotton swab and a circular motion to apply powdered blush to cheeks.
  15. Glue feather across top of head for hair, then glue hat on top of head.
  16. Fold wings to front as shown in photo and glue in place.
  17. Tie purple fabric strip into a small bow. Glue bow between wings.
  18. Glue wood excelsior to bottom front of chicken for nest. Glue eggs to front of chicken as shown in photo.
  19. Set out this spring and enjoy!


Finished Size: Spring Chicken Easter Craft is about 6-1/2 inches wide x 8-1/2 inches tall including hat.

Spring Chicken Easter Craft originally sent in by Irene Wegener of Corning, New York