1. Turn recycled t-shirt inside out. Use pen or marker to draw a curved bag shape on the chest area. Cut out both front and back pieces. With edges matching, pin in place.
  2. Sew a straight stitch around the curved edge of the pieces to join together. If desired, finish edge with a zigzag stitch.
  3. With bag laying flat on cutting mat, use quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter to make staggered cuts ½ to 1 in. apart in rows along the length of the bag. Be careful not to cut through the side seam. Stop cutting slits about 4 in. from the top straight edge allowing room for the handle. (If you don’t have a quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter, use scissors instead marking cut lines with a pen.)
  4. About an inch or more from the top edge, cut a long slit for the handle. If desired, cut the handle sides curved. Turn right side out.
  5. Stretch and wash the bag if desired. Use for carrying produce or craft supplies, or as a beach bag.

T-Shirt Produce Bags craft idea c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Delia of Delia Creates.

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